Best Payout Online Casino UK

If you're looking for the best payout online casino in the UK, check the online casinos on this list. They all offer fast and high payout.

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888 888Casino Get up to £1500
Welcome Package
9.5 Play Review
zodiac Zodiac Deposit $1 get $20 for free spins 9.5 Play Review
playojo PlayOJO Up to 50 free spins on your first deposit 9.5 Play Review
mega Mega 100% up to €50 Welcome Bonus 9.3 Play Review
yako Yako 100% Welcome Bonus £99 + 99 Free Spins 9.3 Play Review
William Hill William Hill 100% Buy in Welcome Bonus + 50 Free Spins 9.5 Play Review
sloty Sloty $1500 Welcome Bonus & 300 Free Spins! 9.3 Play Review

What is a Casino Payout?

To put it simply, a casino payout is the rate that a casino pays out to its players. This is usually expressed in the form of a percentage. A payout rate of 93% would mean that 93% of wagers are paid back to players. Or to put it even simpler, for every £1 that is wagered the player will get on average 93p back. This is taken as an average across all of the games that are available at the casino and you can use this to find out what the best payout casino is. The Payout is as relevant in an online casino as it is relevant in a land based casino.

How Does it Get Worked out?

This is a simple one to answer. The casino will employ a third party, usually someone like eCOGRA, to calculate what their payout rate is. They will do this by dividing the amount paid out by the amount wagered, then multiplying the answer by 100. This will give the payout rate as a percentage.

Do all of the Games Have the Same Rate?

No they don’t. Each game will have a different rate to the others. All slots have a different return to player (RTP) percentage, card games like Blackjack and Baccarat all have different RTP percentages. Roulette RTP also varies between the different roulette games.

When working out the average for the casino the individual returns for each game are taken into account. In terms of games that have the biggest disparity between them, slots have the biggest difference. This is because almost every single slot has a different RTP.

With some of the live dealer casino games the predicted return and the actual return can vary month to month, this is the nature of casinos, but over time the return will tend to stay in line with the predicted return.

Do all of the Casinos Have the Same Rate?

Yet again, no they don’t. There are a variety of reasons why they don’t but the most prominent one is because their selection of games will differ. With slots offering the biggest differences and each casino having a different selection of slots available this makes the payouts for each casino different across the board.

Which Casino has the Best Payout?

The answer to this can vary from month to month. But we can safely say that one of the highest payout casinos that is on the UK market is definitely They currently have a payout rate of 96.6%. This means that on average, for every £1 you wager you will receive back almost 97p. Of course as explained earlier this is across the whole casino and each specific game will have its own payout rate.

Here is payout percentage for the different games, as presented by eCogra