French Roulette

This free version of the most popular Roulette game in the world is very easy to play. Just select your table limit, press join and start gambling with your virtual money, by choosing a chip, placing it on the Roulette table and pressing Spin.

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A Guide to French Roulette

Roulette has different variations and the oldest, and maybe most popular of them is the French roulette. The basic rules of the game are standard for all variations. You place the bets first and then spin the roulette wheel. If your bet correlates with the location where the ball stops, you win; if it doesn't, then you lose.

To play our free French Roulette place a bet by clicking on a chip with your desired value (bottom of the game screen), and then click on the Roulette table - either on a specific number, a series of numbers and other, more general alternatives, specified on the table (odd/even, red/black etc.). You can also make multiple bets by following the same steps and pressing the "spin" button after you are done.

Press "clear all bets" to delete all your bets and play another round. You can also clear your previous bet by using the undo button. You can access your bet history on the bet history screen on the left of your game screen window. Don't forget to bet according to the minimum and maximum bets set by the house. Each betting option has a predetermined pay-out. Bets cannot be placed after the spin button is placed. Lazy players can press the auto play and watch the computer play for them.