Roulette Royale

To play this free roulette game: choose the amount of your bet by clicking on the coins at the side of the table, then click on the roulette table to place your bet click on spin.

How to Play the Free Roulette Royale

It's hard to beat the thrill of watching a roulette wheel spin, the ball bouncing around and coming to a rest on your chosen color or number. It's not always possible to visit a casino to chase that thrill - but if you're looking for a way to scratch that itch, this free Roulette Royale is right up your alley.

Roulette Royale is a free to play online game played just like regular roulette that you would find in a casino. It can be played on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. The rules of roulette are simple:

Decide how you want to place your bets and spin the wheel. Choose from different denominations of chips, ranging from $0.10 all of the way up to $100.

From there, you must choose how you want to place your bet. Your choices are many. The roulette table is divided up into 36 numbered squares, plus 0, laid out in three rows. You can bet your money on any one of these numbers, any way you choose. Is your favorite number 15? Bet all your money on 15 or choose to spread your bet out over five different numbers. Not feeling confident with those odds? Pick one of the three rows and place 2 to 1 odds on it. Other choices to bet on include the first, second, or third set of twelve numbers, for instance, numbers 13 to 24. You can also bet on black or red, on all even numbers or on all odd numbers or first or second half of the 36 numbers. You can even split your bet between two adjacent numbers on a table. Keep in mind that the more spread out your bet is, the more likely you are to win, but the less money you'll win, as well.

Once you've decided how many chips you want to bet and where they're going, all you have to do is hit the spin button and watch the roulette wheel go around. If you're lucky, the ball will have landed on a space you've bet - you'll have won big! If not, spin again!

Roulette Royale costs no money to play and you can't cash out with real money. Still, it's the perfect way to get a little roulette action without having to travel or spend all of your hard earned cash, all while sitting at your computer or on the road with your mobile phone or tablet.